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How to Prevent a Slab Leak From Destroying Your Home

3 Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak

Slab leaks can literally wreak havoc on a Trinity home and can cause horrendous amounts of damage, as the slab is what the home sits on and everything can go wrong when there is a problem with the foundation. Most of the time, slab leaks are caused by a simple problem with the piping system in the home, which has pipes below the slab and can be hard to detect if not paying close attention.

Trinity, FL PlumberIf you notice your water bill spiking without changing your consumption habits, you may have a leak and should call out a local professional plumbing company to check it out. However, here are some things you should do in order to prevent a slab leak from happening.

Check the PH

You may not realize that the ph in your pipes needs to be at a certain level and if it is not, you may start to damage your pipes. Pipes do not typically break open or develop leaks all of a sudden and most of the time it comes from things such as this. If the ph is off, your pipes may start to degrade, leading to a burst in the pipes or a slow leak, which can eventually lead to a leak in the slab, which is a problem that you absolutely do not want to have to experience.

Clogged Drains

Everyone gets clogged drains from time to time, as it is simply a part of owning a home, but it is important to handle the clog the right way. A lot of people put chemicals down the drain that are intended to clean the pipes and although they may clean the blockage, they often wear down the lining of the inside of the pipes. This can be devastating to the piping system and is hands down one of the biggest reasons that people end up getting leaks in their pipes, which ultimately may lead to a slab leak.

Correct Water Pressure

Make sure you do not put your pipes on full blast if you realize that you are getting a ton of water pressure. A lot of older Trinity  homes and even some newer homes release a massive amount of water with a lot of pressure and it is flat out too much for the pipes. This can easily cause problems to the piping systems and can even blow a pipe wide open, so avoid too much water pressure to prevent slab leaks.

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