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Is There a Water Leak? Here's How to Tell

Catch Leaks Early Using These Simple Tips and Techniques

Nobody wants a leak in their plumbing, as they can be an expensive problem to deal with. Leaks lead to higher water costs and can cause costly water damage, so it’s vital for homeowners to catch them as soon as possible. But how can they find leaks that aren’t obvious? 

Hidden leaks can be harder to spot because they aren’t as apparent as a dripping faucet or a puddle of water on the flooring. Thankfully, there are simple ways to identify a water leak, whether hidden or visible, which are outlined below, so leaks get repaired as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a Leak to Watch For

Some water leaks are obvious: a dripping faucet, toilets leaking from their base, and puddles forming near water sources. But other leaks are hidden since a network of pipes is discreetly placed within the walls, ceilings, and floors. In cases like these, homeowners should watch out first for signs of leaks and water damage.

A few signs to watch out for that can indicate a leak include low water pressure, running water sounds, warped wood flooring, wet carpeting, peeling paint or wallpaper, and mold growth. Homeowners who notice these signs should call a plumber to locate and repair the leak before more water damage occurs. 

Monitor the Water Bills

billA high water bill is usually a dead giveaway of the presence of a leak. This is especially true if the costly water bill occurs without any changes in the household’s water consumption. If daily activities and water use at home have remained the same, but there’s a spike in the water bills, then there is likely a leak.

To prevent an unusually high water bill from becoming a persistent problem, homeowners must resolve the issue by calling in professional leak detection services. Plumbers can conduct accurate water leak detection and repair using leak detection equipment that homeowners typically don’t have access to. 

Use the Water Meter as a Leak Detector

water meterThose who prefer a more accurate method of leak detection that doesn’t rely so much on observations can also use their home’s water meter to identify a household leak. Some water meters have built-in leak detectors in the form of a small, triangular, brightly-colored arrow that spins in the presence of a leak. 

If a particular water meter does not have this feature, it can still be used for identifying leaks. All homeowners need to do is shut off all fixtures and appliances that use water, record the water meter reading, and then check if that reading has changed after a few hours of not using water. If it has, the home likely has a leak. 

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