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It's National Wellness Month: Let's Learn About Gas Safety

What Better Time To Go Over Gas Safety Than National Wellness Month

When it comes to home safety, there isn’t a lesson more important than gas safety. Homes are a place of shelter. They are a place to escape from the harshness of the outdoors, but when the threat of a gas leak jeopardizes that safety, it can leave an entire family stranded outside of their home until the problem is fixed. It is not only important to know how to handle a gas leak, but it’s equally as important to learn how to spot the signs of one in the home. 

Carbon monoxide detectors fail sometimes, and when that happens, the homeowner is left to their own knowledge to determine whether they are experiencing a gas leak or not. Continue reading to learn all the basics of gas leak safety and prevention. 

First: Let’s Talk About the Signs of a Gas Leak

It’s no secret that gas leaks are extremely dangerous to the health and lives of the humans and pets living in the home. Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector, but sometimes it doesn’t always go off when there is a gas leak. Homeowners should often check the battery life on their carbon monoxide detector to ensure it is working properly. 

Still, it is also important to know the common signs of a gas leak in the home just to be safe. Here are a few of the signs: 

  • Dead houseplants
  • Gas stoves that don’t have a blue flame when lit, instead it is yellow or orange
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Hearing a whistling noise near the gas line
  • White dust cloud near the gas line
  • Feeling nauseated 

There are important steps that every homeowner should take when they notice these signs. It’s also vital that these steps get done properly to ensure safety for everyone involved. 

phone Here’s How To Handle a Gas Leak in the Home

When homeowners notice a gas leak in the home, they should immediately evacuate the premises. All pets should evacuate the home as soon as possible as well. This should all be done before anything else! Only when everyone is outside of the premises should the homeowner call their trusted local plumber or emergency 911 to help solve the problem. 

If one of the household members is suffering from gas poisoning, it is probably best to call the emergency number. Otherwise, the person will need to be taken to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Everyone else will start to feel a lot better just by breathing in the fresh air outside, but someone with gas poisoning will need extra care. 

Never call anyone inside the home when a gas leak is suspected. The call could ignite a flame in the house and start a fire. That is why it is crucial to evacuate before doing anything else! 

Gas Leak Detection Is Crucial!plumber

In terms of safety and doing everything possible to ensure those in the household are safe at all times, gas leak detection is probably the most important service that homeowners could have done regularly to their homes. 

Gas leak detection is when a professional plumber comes out and inspects the entire gas line and all detectors in the home. They make sure that everything works properly and that there aren’t any weak points within the system. If there are, they will suggest the homeowner have them fixed right away before any problems occur. 

This service is the best chance homeowners have to prevent gas leaks in the first place. The only way to stop a gas leak is to know the current condition of the gas line! 

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