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The Top 5 Funniest Plumber Costumes for Halloween This Year

This Year's Top Plumbing Costume Ideas!

Who doesn’t love October? A month filled with candy, costumes, and trick-or-treating activities? Yes, please! There’s definitely something for everyone this time of year.

One of the best parts of October is seeing the creative costumes people come up with to celebrate Halloween and have fun - including some very original plumbing system related costumes.

If you’re looking for some ideas that are outside of the box...or toilet, check out these top five plumber costumes for inspiration.

A Costume to Celebrate Toilet Services

Halloween is all about creativity, especially with kid’s costumes! When it comes to plumbing-related costumes, they don’t always need to be dressing up as a plumber. What about a celebration of how people benefit from modern-day plumbing? Perhaps a pipe, or sink, or garbage disposal would do the trick (or treat). Or, if you’re this kid, you can dress up as the most famous piece of plumbing - the toilet!

toilet costume

When You Can’t Decide Between Halloween and Christmas

For trick-or-treaters that love Halloween, but who also love Christmas, this time of year can be difficult because you want to celebrate both. Not anymore! Introducing the Santa Plumber costume. This ingenious costume will surely be the hit of any Halloween or Christmas party.

santa plumber

The Most Famous of Them All - Mario the Plumber!

Halloween is a great time to pay homage to admirable and notable figures in history. George Washington, Neil Armstrong, and a plumbing technician’s personal favorite - Mario the Plumber! This classic plumbing costume certainly always tops the list. Luckily, you don’t have to rescue any princesses to win big in the candy department this holiday!

mario plumber

Don’t Leave Out Your Furry Friends

One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing the fantastic costumes that pet owners come up with. Everyone loves dressing up their dogs in costume, especially when they have silly human attributes - And, honestly, what’s cuter or more hilarious than a doggy plumber? This costume is sure to get all the pets and treats this Halloween!

dog plumber

Bring on the Cuteness With This Baby Plumber Costume

If your little one is too small to hunt for candy, but still want to get in the festivities, there is a solution! Luckily, for many parents, a childhood plumbing hero could be the perfect solution. Mario! While baby Halloween costumes are simply the best, they can often be hard to keep on your little one. This costume keeps baby looking great while also snuggled up close and comfortable to mom. It’s a win-win!

baby plumber

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