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Toilet History 101

The History of The Toilet

New Port Richey Plumber The toilet has a place in almost every home. The thing is that we never really consider how it came to pass that we have a bathroom including a toilet, we just take the appliance for granted. The toilet does have a long and rich history throughout the ages to the point where we are today, with an enclosed tank and flushing mechanisms.

Progression of Toilet

As cavemen, we probably just found a nearby bush to rid ourselves of the waste from our bodies. As centuries progressed, we began to see the need for some privacy when needing to rid self of excrement. At first this was simply a hole in the ground where human waste would be expelled into with a structure built around it.

Soon these structures were built into homes, more specifically castles. They would be integrated into the outer walls with an open shaft where the excrement would lie on the ground and degrade. Monks were the first to see the need to wash this excrement away from dwellings and into a pit (or sewage pool) for the need for more sanitary conditions.

Sanitation As Necessity and Design

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The need for sanitary conditions for our toilets have led to a whole scope of architectural concentration. Development and design of buildings now include a very in depth detail of where and how plumbing will be run. After all, who wants to live in a city or town where human excrement is openly dumped into holes or on streets?

The toilet has taken on a whole new outlook in the building of homes and high rises. It is an understatement to say that the bathroom facilities of both homes and high rises are the first considerations when a design plan is set forth. Today's toilet may demand less water and sewage capability, but the need for a sanitary means to get waste from one place to another is still prevalent.

Toilets are an item that every household needs. There must be a way to relieve self of built up excrement and urine. This is not to say that the means of the past are no longer used anywhere. Rather, many have found ways to build upon and improve the plumbing systems of the buildings where they work and live.

The toilet has progressed from a basic bush or hole in the ground to above unit tanks and now even composting versions that need no water at all.

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