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Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Smoothly

You rely on your garbage disposal each day to help make kitchen cleanups work faster. These units help chop and dispose of larger, organic food matter that ends up in the drain. If your garbage disposal is not working correctly, it can cause a disruption to your routine and create frustrating problems at home. Some tips to keep your disposal running smoothly include:

  • Never put hard items such as bones or shells in the disposal, stick to soft, organic matter.
  • If you have a lot of material to dispose of, do it in stages to not jam the unit.
  • After using the system, run water through it to quickly clean the blades.
  • Never attempt DIY garbage disposal repairs. It’s safer to leave it to a professional.

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Signs of a Gas Leak

One of the most serious plumbing emergencies a homeowner can face is a gas leak. Natural gas is a toxic fume that causes illness and even death when inhaled by humans or animals. It’s so dangerous that gas companies put an additive in it to make the smell easy to distinguish. Some signs that you may have a gas leak are as follows:

  • Hearing a hissing sound.
  • Smelling rotten eggs is a sign of a leak. This is the smell that gas companies add so we can notice a leak better.
  • Seeing dead or brown vegetation in your yard is often a sign that the leak is occurring underground in that area.

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